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Clockface gas pumps
Next Iowa Gas – July 31st, August 1st and 2nd 2019 – Des Moines, Iowa

When you attend the Annual Iowa Gas Swap Meet and Auction, expect to find vintage signs, gasoline pumps, neon, gas globes, maps, cans and containers, uniforms, soft drink and tobacco items, and other collectible memorabilia from the past to decorate your garage, office, or home. Sorry, no cars, car parts, or crafts at this event. Collectors and vendors from around the United States, Canada, and Europe make their annual pilgrimage to Des Moines to buy, sell, and trade collectible antique advertising pieces of historic interest. If you have never attended Iowa Gas or have been unable to attend for some time, please accept our invitation. There is no admission charge for buyers.

IOWA GAS is the nation’s largest gas, oil and auto-related advertising swap meet, show and auction

Gas station porcelain signs

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